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Antilipemic TeaFor sale

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Antilipemic Tea, Other Health & Beauty

Antilipemic Tea

- Decrease Cholesterol, gout, Diabetes, Diarrhea / Constipation, good for Detoxification & Diet, Release Tension

- Maintain healthyColon, Eyesight, Metabolism & Immune System, Contain Vitamin A, Zinc, Selenium (Anti Cancer)

- Good for Blood Circulation, Heart & Vein, Reduce Hypertension, Fever, Inflammations & Infections, Cough

Hypertension, hyperlipidemic are symptoms of deseases that are found clinically. If they are not prevented and treated positively and effectively, they can cause various diseases such as coronary heart diseases and blood clot and blood deposit which later causes the hardening of blood vessells which is called arteriosclerosis.
I. Product Composition
Gynostemma P, Folium Nolumbinis, Radix Polygoni, Green Tea, Semen Cassiae
II. Product Strength:
In Chinese medicine, gynosaponins is bitter in taste, cool and non-toxin and people used to treat inflammation and decompose toxin, to treat cough and to eliminate phlegm. Pharmachology mechanism of gynosaponins is through metabolism regulation, to lower cholesterol in blood plasma, to prevent fat acid formation so as to prevent coronary heart disease and to reduce blood fat. Cassiae Semen is semen from Cassiae obtusifolia L., that functions to eliminate diarrhea, to expell heat in order to ease bowel movement, and to secrete excreta from our body, and to reduce fat deposition.
Lotus leaves functions to expel heat, for moisturizing and to eliminate thirst.
Radix Polygoni Multiflori is a kind of roots. It functions to eliminate toxin, to release pain, to moisturize intestinal channel, to ease bowel movement, and so on. It is rich in herbal lecithin; it helps to prevent hyperlipidemic and arteriosclerosis through the absorption of cholesterol and metabolism, and also to reduce blood clotting.
Green Tea contains polyphenol, caffeine, catechin, etc. It functions to maintain our vision, to reduce tents, to improve our digestion system, to filter urine, decompose toxin, to stop diarrhea, and to reduce body weight.
III. Product
1. To reduce L D L fat acid in blood and improve heart and cerebral blood vessel.
2. To reduce blood density, to prevent the clotting of blood fragments, and to improve micro circulation.
3. To regulate the function of digestive system and to eliminate constipation.
4. Anti-oxidant, to eliminate free radicals, and to delay aging process.
5. To increase body immunity, to prevent tumor.
6. To keep the body well supplied with oxygen and to keep body strength well.
IV. Targeted Consumers
People with hyper lipidemic and heard blood vessel disease, hypertension, heat, dry skin and pallid face.
Weak body, immunity decreases, easy to have a flu.
People over 40 years old, easy to get stressed and easy to feel tired.
Constipation and has been suffering from digestive problem for a long time.
For people with diabetes, consume the tea 2 – 3 time every day, 1 – 2 sachet each time. Immerse with boiled water and drink after ten minutes.
It can be re immersed and consumed again and again.

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