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Job location
Company / Employer
Job type
Full Time
Business Function
Educational specialization
Salary (per month)
GH₵ 1,200 - 2,500
Gender preference
Required experience (years)

About the role


A CCTV operator performs varied duties related to installation, repairs and maintenance of the CCTV cameras. His work starts from conducting site visits, overseeing the facilities and requisites and identifying the needs of the clients. He sets up security systems in the form of CCTV cameras in strategic locations and ensures the cameras function smoothly. The job demands sound technical knowledge in equipment operations and electronics along with organizational and communication skills. You can begin your career working as a CCTV operator and later proceed to working in security systems networking.

Proficient with the technicalities and operations of the CCTV cameras
Brilliant business management abilities
Excellent competence at communicating, coordinating and organizing tasks
Ability to multi-task and work for long durations
Emphasis on detailing, safety and accuracy.

Performing functions of installing, repairing and maintaining CCTV cameras
Visiting sites and locations to identify the areas that need to be monitored with CCTV cameras
Monitoring the activities captured on the cameras, and informing the authorities in case of suspicious activities
Editing the captured images as per the instructions of the client and preparing a copy for their reference.

Coordinated with clients and attended meetings to understand client needs as well suggested on effective management of the site security
Received complaints of equipment failure and undertook installation and repairs activities
Maintained written records of the screened activities, in case of suspicious , illegal or immoral activities, to be submitted in report form
Updated the organization about the novel techniques and procedures introduced concerning CCTV operations
Performed duties as instructed by the CCTV Chief Operator and undertook the allotted responsibilities

• Responsible for operating and maintaining surveillance equipment.
• Watching both live and recorded video surveillance footage.
• Reporting incidents or suspicious behavior and contacting the authorities when necessary.

• Ability to multitask and not get distracted by surroundings.
• Proper judgment necessary when dealing with high-stress situations.
• Capacity to take orders and fulfill responsibilities in a timely manner.
• Organizational skills needed for information analysis.
• Proficient in computer programs and systems pertinent to the job.
• Ensure the proper function and recording of all camera systems in the facility.
• Surveillance of up to 15 cameras at one time.
• Prepare reports and presentations on any adjustments or improvements necessary to the safety of the facility.

Two Passport pictures, CV and Any Valid ID card.
Application letter is not needed.
Thanks you.

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